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The PFF Forecast

Apr 27, 2018

George and Eric are live in studio with their reactions to night one of the 2018 NFL Draft. Also on this episode are question(s) from the dark web, and an early season lock of the week. 


Apr 24, 2018

1. Jimmy + Beard = Angels Sing
2. Throw Back Tuesday
3. Unstable Stat of the Week
4. Receiving College to Pro
5. Patriots and Saints Season Reviews
6. Riddick me stat
7. Thank you Sashi

Apr 18, 2018

1. What happened to Dez
2. People Helping People
3. Analytical Deep Dive: WAR
4. Dolphins and Vikings Reviews
5. Questions from the Dark Web
6. Sign of the Apocalypse
7. Analytical Edging

Apr 11, 2018

1. Unlucky news
2. In the clear
3. Questions from the dark web
4. Chargers and Rams Season Reviews
5. Trend zone
6. People helping people
7. Riddick me stat

Apr 4, 2018

1. Cooks trade/Is Steve's new mock the worst thing since the plague
2. Analytical edging
3. Questions from the dark web
4. Jaguars and Chiefs Year in Review
5. Analytical Deep Dive: College to Pro for O-Line
6. Trend Zone
7. People Helping People